We offer a free membership scheme for all our members to meet the team on a regular basis where they can actively get involved in the work, inform each other of what is happening in their drama schools and make sure what they suggest to the team is being listened to and implemented by drama schools. Membership means having a voice, sharing best practice, keeping the Initiative accountable for their decisions concerning diversity and being represented. ​

When we set out the Initiative, we realised quite quickly how important it is to have a mentor during your training, someone you have a commonality with or has shared experiences with you. This person would be there to guide you and advise you when and where you "slip up" or at times where you're finding your training the hardest. We believe that having a mentor helps students with their confidence, their mental health and overall well-being. We also believe that having a mentor helps to improve retention in schools. Mentoring is only for those who are 18+ and currently at drama school. If you have just completed your training, you would not be eligible for a mentor. 

Membership is for those currently at drama schools, those who have recently completed their training or those about to start. We also accept those who have no intention of applying or have never studied at a drama school but are passionate about accessibility to on-going arts based training.

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The Diversity School Initiative is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.

Photography by Emma Gray 

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